Technology as Frontline Warriors


  • Introduction
  • Frontline Warriors and Their Contribution
  • Techno Warriors
  • Conclusion


The repetitive waves of Covid have rung the word ‘Frontline Warriors’ in our heads more than a few times now. But as commoners, we have a shortlist of occupations that’ll fit this description. Frontline workers include crematorium staff, NGO workers, journalists, doctors, nurses, policemen, sanitary workers, etc., All those selfless souls who worked without hesitation and rest to assist the common population during this crippling pandemic are our heroes. This article will pop us certain unknown facts about these warriors and how Technology backed them up during the most crucial times.

Frontline Warriors and Their Contribution:

While the narrative of each frontline warrior is one of a kind, the shared traits lie in the role illustrations that repeat in the foundation ‘Humanity by the frontline fighters’. These individuals were putting their well-being, families, and above all their own lives in danger. In the battle against Covid, the daring clinical force remained steadfast with thermometers, stethoscopes, and ventilators as their weapons. Our inadequacies were spotted and more work is relied upon to be finished for clinics, garbage dumps, and other different areas to fortify the pandemic framework in India as well as in nations across the world. While the reaction was controlled by the Government, it was a group and cooperative response from a band of service-minded individuals. It was a result of such untiring endeavors of forefront teams that individuals turned up in huge numbers at the awareness communities, to find out about the sickness, the immunization, and other preventive measures.

Techno Warriors

Empathy for healthcare and medical laborers spread out of control during the last year and there’s no conversation on their acclaim. However, there are other uncelebrated yet truly great individuals who added to the goal of this intense crisis. Technology helped these forefront crew and the brains behind those developments are additionally fighters who battled this hot war. They have been stumbling their lives despite everything to safeguard the others against COVID-19. However, a feeling of absence of acknowledgment of their commitments unmistakably poses a potential insult! Yet, technological advances never fluttered hands away from them. Miles and miles were covered by innovative inventors even as the streets echoed the sound of sirens during the pandemic. One such innovation was Zafi Robot designed by Propeller Technologies; an AI Frontline Robot which served as a medical assistant to Doctors and Nurses in Covid wards where human service became crucial. Thus innovation demonstrated once more that it can turn into the forerunners of our pandemic world.


Young minds and engineers were constantly racking their minds to tackle the necessities of our nation. Indeed, terrain that did not have access to multiple sources of information, technology, and technopreneurs stirred pathways. The trickling of advancements was not just due to the necessities but also as a result of brimming tech education. Tech education has laid a widespread mat of possibilities for inventors to trial and proof their ideas that came in handy during the quintessence of time. Learn and let learn to transform hesitancy to eagerness leading to Makers of the World!

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