• Introduction
  • Changes in our Education System
  • Advantages of Technology alongside Teachers
  • Disadvantages of Technology intruding Tutors
  • Conclusion


The education system today has grown to extents over the sky when compared to the past age. But it isn’t a field that stops growing, there are several grand updates issued every year for the benefit of the learners. Smart classes have bloomed and bombed the schools with loads of new approaches to teaching and learning. These innovations vow to more readily improve how instructors and learners work. Adaptive learning, artificial intelligence-based learning, features of automation, augmented reality, and simulations are topics that revolve in and around the education sector, and students are expected to be prepared to acknowledge technology readily to further develop their growth opportunities.

There are diverse opinions about this Technological advances in the Education sector and how it has changed the way a tutor approaches a student. This article will debrief the changes under the microscopes of critics, the advantages these changes have led to, and also the disadvantages these advances have caused to our old fashion tutoring.

Changes in our Education System:

 Educators and schools have shifted to online tutoring and away from our customary educational circumstances, with several critical contrasts between teaching and learning. Classes are blended with synchronous hours, material-oriented asynchronous hours, and activities with research requirements. Academic contents have jumped out of the textbooks into pictorial, video graphic, and animated text formats. Working with a group or in partnership with mutual students has sunk deep to sleep and students have set foot to work independently; some being student-parent oriented at times. Expectations for external motivations have reduced greatly, and self-paced learning has striven in young minds. In hand with this self-paced schedule comes flexibility and convenience for students, which is a drastic change from academic schedules where classes were at a fixed time and one location. The decoupling of monotonous environments has led to creative pathways and location accessibility to students such as parks, cafés, and even sullen halls of Temples. If the tutor is open to utilizing technological advances, and the student has a receiving notion with more admittance relevant to his syllabus, education can blossom into a beautiful pathway.

Advantages of Technology alongside Teachers:

The changes in the previous note show several positive outcomes and yes there are several unmanned advantages when teachers and tech assistance for education work together. Primarily Technological devices such as working models of exemplary projects, 3D printers, virtual reality gadgets, etc., can make a great difference in a regular class. The teaching becomes easier and less time-consuming providing the tutor with shelf time to work on creative and futuristic goals for each student.

Next comes Artificial Intelligence assisting teachers; Robots are now conscious enough to overtake several traditional tasks in an educational system and quick-proof them without any errors. For example, imagine how biometric sensors can be utilized by an AI Tutor Assistant to record the attendance of each student; an AI application can aid in storing all the materials a student would require in Cloud Storage and thus cloud computing can smartly reduce the burdens of textbooks a student carries to school every day. As a whole, a Technological Tutor can save plenty of hours spent by an individual learning a concept with these advantages tricks.

Disadvantages of Technology intruding Tutors:

Despite all these advantages, the idea of a robot in place of a human can sound scary. Of course, a conscious AI Tutor assistance can function in a designed way but it can only be devised to perform tasks in a particular way; can each student fulfill the criteria of such standard by a Robot? If not what will be the consequences? It is proven and strongly believed that a human-to-human experience has a lingering effect on human brains, students will miss out on that connectivity with a human teacher and in the process, there can be a loss of certain levels of commitment and participation.

Although the AI tutor Assistant might provide us with the next-gen education and advantages, it will never stand up to a cerebrally emotional person. A vicious cut-throat contest among various Tech-firms is another disadvantage as this competition will speed up the pace of innovation advancements but also hike the cost of these availabilities. Thus eventually the fate of schooling unquestionably looks expensive!


Technology has been very upfront from the early stages of teaching. From the times when people chiseled figures on a piece of rock to now, where our pupil population is furnished with compact gadgets such as tablets and iPad, Tech advancements keep on pushing educational abilities higher than ever. The Internet is an immense electronic library of data, and both exploration and guidance can be accomplished through a tick of the mouse. With these advances come new liabilities to the educators to improvise their teaching techniques and upgrade their knowledge in competing with AI. Lyndon B. Johnson, Former President of the United States of America has quoted “If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it.” So Technology is good if we keep in check with our necessities and reality.

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