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STEM Education is booming. New Education Policy has brought to the desk of every learner a know-how experience with a dynamic curriculum that deals much with hands-on experience than mere acquisition of knowledge. As of today, ‘21st Century Skills’ is the talk of the town, especially hitting the bucket list of every Educational Institution. It is amazing how the future is becoming compact and young start-ups give shape to the dreams of young minds of becoming a Scientist. is an e-learning platform from Trichy, a parallel of Propeller Technologies (an advanced EduTech Company). was established in October 2021 due to their unsettled desire to “make makers of the world”. Propeller Technologies have been working with the same motto from 2016 with their vast Tech-Education Services to 250+ enthusiastic Government schools and 50+ dynamic Private schools but this did not ease their hunger to serve the nation’s young minds. So they branched into to provide the students international quality STEM courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Drones, App Development, Internet of Things, Satellite, etc., at the most reasonable cost and elite mode of online learning in a limited time frame. Since their birth, has nurtured over 30,000 students in various educational programs. Their most famous course is the Space Technology course launched because of the recently culminated Republic Day Celebration, in honor of the Indian Space Scientists and towards making many more of them soon.

Who is

Recently has been accredited by and each of their courses has been reviewed and accredited with due standards. To those who are new to STEM news, Educational Research (SER) is the extensive constantly working privately-held STEM education research and credentialing association in the USA. They have intently collaborated with a few driving researchers, educators, administrators, NGOs, schools, and organizations to benchmark STEM standards. Propel. Study dedicated to STEM Education has whisked the standards of a students’ expectation to another whole level through their block-chain secured accreditation to each one of their courses. It is the first STEM e-learning platform in the Nation to be honored with this International Accreditation.

Importance of Accreditation for an Educational Platform is the first and foremost organization in India to receive the world’s original and most recognized block-chain secured accreditation by Now, you might wonder if this is a difficult task and whether this accreditation is worth the effort. Yes! Of course, despite numerous educational platforms, especially e-learning becoming the trend of this decade, there are very few courses that make to the resume of a student in the future. Just look back into an individual’s life, how many certificates that a person receives are genuine and recognized by multiple other organizations? was found by a team of four Engineering and Educationalist Brains who knew the standards of a certificate on completion of any course. It has been greatly realized in recent times that rubrics of each skill curriculum and factors such as instructor’s intended outcome, coordination between the student and teacher, and tools used in the educational process are crucial for successful outcomes in a learner’s journey. When Education is becoming a business, an e-learning platform that blends the ends of economical status with no compromise to quality in the above-mentioned features being recognized and raised to the next era is noteworthy and to be celebrated. has tediously worked to enhance the worth of what a learner receives from any educational and technology partner via this accreditation. Presented as the top 1% of best STEM providers in the nation, their long-hauled back-breaking efforts towards their vision to make makers of this world they have proven today that they are the most preferred accredited organization favoring only the idea of implementing multiple STEM futuristic benefits for every student in the world who dreams of creativity and invention.

What’s in this for a Student? : A Simple Definition !

A constructive alignment between what an educator wants to give to a student and what a learner expects out of an educator is the foundation to making history. So we studied the needs of a student before designing the e-learning platform and each course. differs from others of this kind by being an e-learning platform that is solely dedicated to STEM education, with its unique inoculation of the VARK model curriculum to aid any type of learner. With each course holding exclusive synchronous, asynchronous, research hours and time for learning integration, you will intend to apply what you learn to a basic problem on your own. When we designed the course curriculum we were so particular that each of our Indian learners received an international accreditation at a nominal cost and has been exposed to an international community of Scientists. So the situation turns out to be a win-win, with contented teachers and benefited students.

Being one of the top 10 STEM educational providers, has nailed its mission to this purpose and has kept its promise to do its best for each student irrespective of their school standards, by receiving this most honorary credential from such a massive organization of America in a young duration. Learners should only look forward to the best in anything they set their eyes on. So why waste time, visit and enroll in any of our courses to experience Next-Generation learning, and do not forget to get your accredited unique certificate on completion. Hope for the best and leave the rest to us!

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