The Milky Way, in which the Earth is a tiny component, has many billions of planets and stars, sufficient gas & bulks of dust to produce many more. Might be astonishing but all these elements are completely held together by gravity. Here are a few recent discoveries about our exotic galaxy.

  1. Everybody’s aware that the Milky way has a winding shape, yet did you have at least some idea that at the focal point of the twisting, a great deal of energy and, infrequently, distinctive flares are being produced.
  2. Pictures can talk now! Sonification, the process of converting data into sound, diverts galactic pictures from Chandra and different telescopes into sound. This has permitted the Milky way explorers to “tune in ” to the midpoint of our galaxy.

Galileo Galilei picked his telescope in 1610 to settle the band of light into individual stars and has got you today to satisfy your learning desires and transform you into a consistently brilliant star. Join, learn with our proficient tutors and frenzy your current knowledge with new power.

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