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Course Overview:

People say “The sky is the limit!” They are definitely wrong! Sky is not the limit.

Break the barrier and explore SPACE!

Get to know about mysterious occurrences in space, planets beyond our own, galaxies beyond our own and even other universes! Learn about other planets, sci-fi concepts and even discover the possibility of time travel!

Learn about the most interesting aspects of Space, uncover the hidden reasons behind complex phenomena and get ready to join the discussion regarding controversial speculations about the creation of Human Life…

Course Objective:

This course is designed to serve as the first step for students in the journey of becoming an Astrophysicist. The course deals about various entities in Space, starting from our Earth’s atmosphere and ranging up to other galaxies and universes.

Course Outcome:

The content of this course delves deep into mysterious space occurrences and explains them in the most interesting, yet comprehendible way possible. This course mainly aims to popularize the astrophysical concepts and break the myths that most of the people don’t know of.

After the completion of this course, you will be fully equipped to handle an entire seminar on Space! Unless Neil deGrasse Tyson ain’t one of the attenders in the seminar.

Course Description:

This is a 44-hour course designed to give you a basic introduction about many wonders of space. Learn about planets, black holes, worm holes, galaxies and universes. Get to know about current and potential discoveries in space.

This course takes example of many sci-fi movies and validates whether those are true or not. It is the most interesting and informative course that we’ve designed so far that makes you question about your own existence! Our life is a journey and there is more to it than life and death. Come, let us explore every aspect of it!

Course Modules:

Module 1 – The Big Bang

Module 2 – Earth

Module 3 – Outer Space

Module 4 – The Milky Way Galaxy

Module 5 – Other Galaxies

Module 6 – Black Holes and Worm Holes

Module 7 – Theory of Relativity and Space

Module 8 – Physics in Space

Module 9 – Different opinions of scientists about space

Module 10 – Your Existence

Course Timeline:

Synchronous Learning – 12 hours

Asynchronous Learning – 10 hours

Learning Integration – 8 hours

Activity – 8 hours

Research – 6 hours

Total hours of Learning – 44 hours

Course duration – 21 Days


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