Rocket Science

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Learn Model Rocketry with Model Rocket Motors/Engines, launching systems and MR components and take your first step to outer space.

Course Overview:

If something you’re about to do is overrated, you usually notice people saying “It’s not Rocket Science. It’s easy. You can do it!” But what if you want to learn Rocket Science itself?

Is it possible to expertise in a topic that is stereotypically the most difficult in the world? It is!

With Propel’s Rocket Science Course!

Learn Model Rocketry with Model Rocket Motors/Engines, Launching Systems, MR components, and take your first step to outer space.

Course Objective:

Rocket Science is believed to be the most difficult topic to understand in the world. We, at Propel, have come up with this course after lots of discussions and quality checks to break the stereotype.

This course is designed in such a way that it minimizes all the complex calculations related to Rocket Science and provides it in an understandable format.

The main aim of this course is to equip the students with the capability to understand what scientists actually mean if they are involved in a conversation about Rockets.

Course Outcome:

With the completion of the course and capstone project, a student would be well-aware of the design considerations, setbacks and workaround fixes that are involved in design of a life-sized Rocket.

Course Description:

This is a 73-hour course designed to expose students with knowledge about rockets in the most intuitive and interesting way possible. This course covers all the detail about rockets in a brief amount that is sufficient for students to get a clarity on how they function, what are all the potential setbacks, and finally design and send their own prototype of a rocket.

The course is meticulously handcrafted with references to the lessons taught in their school textbooks. The students are explicitly shown how the high-level concepts that are used in the space industry are actually derived from their 11th and 12th textbooks. This course serves as an inevitable proof of how our school curriculum lays foundation for anything spectacular that is achieved.

We have made sure to integrate the school curriculum, the extra curriculum with application based and curiosity invoking activities to serve as a first step in getting to know about Rockets.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Space

Module 2 – Introduction to Gravity

Module 3 – Introduction to Velocity and Concepts of Relative Velocity

Module 4 – Strengthening your basic Physics concepts that are essential in a Rocket Launch

Module 5 – Parts of a Rocket

Module 6 – Subsystems of a Rocket

Module 7 – Aerodynamics of a Rocket

Module 8 – Interior of a Rocket

Module 9 – Dynamics of a Rocket

Module 10 – Dynamics and Motion of a Rocket’s Path

Module 11 – Fuel System of a Rocket

Module 12 – Capstone Project

Course Timeline:

Synchronous Learning – 12 hours

Asynchronous Learning – 14 hours

Learning Integration – 35 hours

Research – 12 hours

Total hours of Learning – 73 hours

Course duration – 30 Days

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