Arduino Prototyping

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Learn how to design, construct and make use of machines that can help and assist humans. This course is an overview of robotic and automated systems technology.

Course Overview:

Creation is a special process. It involves a lot! Like skill, knowledge, research, passion, patience and what not! Do you want to create Robots?

If you want to become a hardcore Robotics Engineer like Dr. Vasikar, Propel is proud to be your first step!

Course Objective:

The aim of this course is to serve as the apt reception on your journey to become a professional Robotics Engineer. Instead of following an instructional approach to design Robots, we have designed the course in such a way that not only does it say how something needs to be done but also why it needs to be done.

This course would be a nice starter if you are a student looking to get into the field of Robotics or just an enthusiast who’s willing to do something interesting.

Course Outcome:

At the end of this course, not only will you notice that you have a Robotics Arsenal under your control, you would have gained so much knowledge about Robotics that could help you participate in exciting contests.

Concepts from this course are explicitly referenced with their school curriculum, providing a whole new meaning for all the complicated concepts they have been learning in school.

Course Description:

This course is designed to guide students on how to design Robots for various purposes using open source components and inexpensive sensors that are easily available in Indian market. Here, students start and design everything from scratch, rather than following a kit-based approach.

To master this course, students need not have any technical knowledge about Robots nor the microcontrollers and components used to program them. Everything is taught to them from scratch with the help of basic understanding they have gathered from their schooling.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Build your own robot
Module 2 – Introduction to Programming
Module 3 – Obstacle avoider & follow me robot
Module 4 – Interfacing Ultrasonic sensor
Module 5 – Joy stick control
Module 6 – Wireless control
Module 7 – RF control
Module 8 – Gesture controlled robot
Module 9 – Robot Arm
Module 10 – Capstone Project Submission

Course Timeline:

Synchronous Learning – 9 hours
Asynchronous Learning – 15 hours
Learning Integration – 8 hours
Activity – 8 hours
Research – 6 hours
Total hours of Learning – 46 hours
Course duration – 21 Days

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