Internet of Things

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  • Duration 53h
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  • Last Update February 17, 2023


Learn the art of networking of things and transfer data via internet making the world of science & Technology a global tech village.

Course Overview:

In the history of mankind, we have never stayed this connected. Let that be with people or with machines.

Not only that, even machines haven’t stayed this connected with each other till date! Don’t understand what we’re talking about?

IOT is the next big thing! This is the field where you establish connection between 2 devices. Learn the art of networking of things and transfer data via internet making the world a better and easier place to live.

Course Objective:

The aim of this course is to help students understand the complete foundation of IOT in a very intuitive way with simple metaphors from day-to-day life. The course is developed meticulously, while keeping in mind the school curriculum of the students.

Not only does the course integrate concepts from school into an amazing field of study, it also uses the same technique to simplify complex concepts in Internet of Things.

If you’re looking for someone to give you a mission brief on how to become the Expert IOT Engineer, Propel is the one you need. This course has been tailored for you.

Course Outcome:

At the end of this course, you would have been exposed with cool IOT inventions. You will be able to design and implement your own IOT devices in your surroundings after the completion of the course.

With the completion of this course, you will be fully equipped with the skills to use the components and invent your own IOT projects and research further.

Course Description:

In this course, we strengthen your foundations in IOT and explain you the basic concepts related to the field. You will be getting hands-on experience in creating various IOT devices using open-source components available in the market.

The course is designed in a light-hearted way so that it is pleasant to read and makes use of simple real life comparisons to make you understand the concepts better.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Node MCU Development Board Basics
Module 2
2.1 – Switch ON/OFF LED using Adafruit MQTT Broker
2.2 – Switch ON/OFF LED using own App
Module 3 – Smart Car using own Web Server
Module 4 – 
4.1 – LM35 sensor Interface
4.2 – PIR sensor Interface
Module 5
5.1 – Water level in Tank. Live monitoring water level using Adafruit
5.2 – Water level in Tank. Live monitoring water level using own web server
Module 6 – Controlling Robotic Arm using servo motor in Single Axis.
Module 7 – Controlling Robotic Arm using servo motor in 3 Axes.
Module 8 – Magnetic Door Switch
Module 9 – Smart Parking System
Module 10 – Tutorial for Home Automation with the help of Google Assistant
Module 11 – Capstone Project (Home Automation)

Course Timeline:

Synchronous Learning – 12 hours
Asynchronous Learning – 15 hours
Learning Integration – 10 hours
Activity – 10 hours
Research – 6 hours
Total hours of Learning – 53 hours
Course duration – 30 Days

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