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Learn drone technology, build your own drone, program the way you want it to fly and become an expert.

Course Overview:

You know what are mostly used to survey and take over the world by supervillains in Hollywood Movies. Drones! Who could assure the same could not happen in real life!

Learn drone technology, build your own drone, program the way you want it to fly, and become the superhero to battle drone-controlling supervillains like Mysterio!

Course Objective:

This course is designed to debrief the students about the mechanism of a drone and teach them how to actually design a working model of a drone with the help of Propel’s proprietary DroneX kit.

The course doesn’t follow an instructional approach but rather explains the entire science behind the operation of a drone. The completion of this course enables the student to design and operate his own drone with the availability of resources. As a capstone project, students are taught to develop a drone that could be controlled with just a touch of their smartphones!

Course Outcome:

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand even the advanced and complicated explanations in other sources, and very importantly you are going to make your very own drone named ‘PropelR’ that could be controlled from the touch of a smartphone!

Course Description:

This is a 56- hour course designed to give a basic intro about drones in a very simplified way. The course is designed using colourful animations and extremely simplified definitions that eliminate all the technical difficulties faced by students when starting to learning about drones.

This course would serve as a perfect starter kit for and school and college students looking for a drone development guide that teaches them from scratch.

Course Modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Waves and Oscillations.

Module 2 – Basic Understanding about Frequency

Module 3 – Analogous References from your 11th textbook to the Development of Drones

Module 4 – Kinematics and Dynamics involved in flying a Drone.

Module 5 – Design Considerations.

Module 6 – A brief explanation about Drone Simulation.

Module 7 – Parts of a Drone and their role in working of Drones.

Module 8 – Applications of Drones.

Module 9 – What is a ‘Drone Payload’?

Module 10 – Capstone Project

Course Timeline:

Synchronous Learning – 10 hours

Asynchronous Learning – 13 hours

Learning Integration – 10 hours

Activity – 15 hours

Research – 8 hours

Total hours of Learning – 56 hours

Course duration – 21 Days

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