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Learn about the most interesting aspects of Space, uncover the hidden reasons behind complex phenomena and get ready to join the discussion regarding controversial speculations about the creation of Human Life…

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Course Overview:

The planet that we are currently living on is the best gift for any human being ever born. It feeds him, nourishes him, gives him resources, a place to stay and what not! But we have exhausted all of Mother Earth’s resources in a very short period of time and people have started looking for other new places to stay.

It’s about time we stop playing the blame game and start exploring opportunities that extend far beyond our planet. The fate of the humanity’s future lies in your hands. Are you ready to save it?

Buckle up for Propel’s Space Technology course and get ready to take your first step in becoming a space scientist!

Course Objective:

This course is designed to serve as the first step for students in the journey of becoming an Astrophysicist. The course deals about various entities in Space, starting from our Earth’s atmosphere and ranging up to other galaxies and universes.

Course Outcome:

After the completion of this course, learners will have the basic idea about how the space industry operates, what is the current scenario in the field and how much our nation has contributed towards the growth of the industry. This course would serve as a gift to all the children wishing to know more about space in the coolest way possible.

This course would serve as the perfect introduction to the world of Space Technology and we are ecstatic to be a small contribution in your legendary odyssey.

Course Description:

This is a 44 hour course designed to equip children with the current updates of Space Technology with just the right amount of information. The course is very simple and minimalistic but simultaneously, contains extensive knowledge about space that would put learners in awe! Learners will know the most interesting things about space in the easiest way possible.44

Course Modules:

Module 1 :Introduction to Space

Module 2 :Existence in Space

Module 3 :Exploration in Space

Module 4 :Engineering in Space

Module 5 :Limitations of Mankind

Module 6 :Space – Our new home

Module 7  : Role of India in Space Technology

Module 8 : Capstone Project

Course Timeline:

Asynchronous Learning – 16 hours
Learning Integration – 10 hours
Activity – 7 hours
Research – 8 hours
Capstone Project – 4 Hours
Total hours of Learning – 45 hours
Course duration – 15 Days

Topics for this course

14 Lessons1h

Space Technology

Course Overview
Course Overview Video 11:17
Course Overview Video 22:03
Course Overview Video 31:17
Course Overview Video 41:05
Course Overview Video 52:51
Course Overview Video 600:04:13
Module 1 : Introduction to Space00:06:01
Module 1.1 : Introduction to Space6:02
Module 1.2 : Introduction to Space00:01:52
Module 1: Summary
Module 1 : Transcript
Module 1 : Activity
Module 1 – Ungraded Quiz
Module 1 – Graded Quiz
Capstone Project Submission
Credits and References:

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