Artificial Intelligence-Boot Camp

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Learn AI through applied conceptualized learning and become a young stalwart in identifying images, making face detectors, recognizing handwritten and printed text, etc.

Course Overview:

Do you know what separates us from other living beings? It’s our intelligence! Our intelligence exhibits us as the most advanced organisms on the planet. It would be nice if we import our intelligence into machines made by hand, wouldn’t it?

Learn AI through applied conceptualized learning and become a young stalwart in identifying images and many more.

Take up this course and tell us, are you going to improve people’s living standards using AI? Or are you going to be the main cause of Global Destruction?! (Wink Wink!)

Course Objective:

The main aim of this course is to let children know what Artificial Intelligence is. Even adults have a preconceived notion that AI is one of the difficult topics to master. We, at Propel, believe that the reason for that thought is that there is no place where they could master the u2018Fundamentalsu2019 of Artificial Intelligence in an easy manner.

We have taken utmost care to present this course in a much uncomplicated way so that the course should not seem overwhelming to the child at any point.

Course Outcome:

Completion of this course would the child understand far advanced concepts of AI in future with ease. Children will be able to think of solutions for daily life problems with the power of AI.

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide an initial exposure on Artificial Intelligence for kids in an interactive and playful manner by engaging them in projects such as identifying celebrities in an image, making a face detector, recognizing handwritten and printed text, building Machine Learning Models, designing simple animations etc in simplified way.

With clear explanations and a wide array of exciting activities for kids, this AI curriculum for schools is ideal for providing a basic clarity on what is AI to young children. This course will serve as a perfect welcome for them into the world of AI and Automation.

Course Module:

Module 1 – Introduction to AI (Techniques, Applications, etc.)
Module 2 – Introduction to AI Simulation Tool & basics of coding
Module 3 – Game Development in AI
Module 4 – Interfacing camera with AI
Module 5 – Introduction to facial expression
Module 6 – Introduction to Machine Learning
Module 7 – Home Automation

Course Timeline:

Synchronous Learning – 9 hours
Asynchronous Learning – 17 hours
Learning Integration – 10 hours
Activity – 8 hours
Research – 6 hours
Total Learning Hours – 50 hours
Course duration – 21 Days

Topics for this course

67 Lessons50h

Course Overview

Course Overview
Course Overview Video – 100:01:16
Course Overview Video – 200:02:03
Course Overview Video – 300:01:17
Course Overview Video – 400:01:04
Course Overview Video – 500:03:12
User Navigation Video00:04:25

Introduction to AI

AI Module 2 – Simple Animations

AI Module 3 – Apple catch Game

AI Module 4 – Attendance System

AI Module 5 – Facial Expression _ Object Detection

AI Module 6 – Face Mask Detection

AI Module 7 – Home Automation

Course Completion


Material Includes

  • 9 Videos
  • 9 Documents
  • 15 Quiz

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