• Who is a Young maker?
  • Importance of Young makers for a democratic society
  • Tips to become a Young Maker
  • Conclusion

Who is a Young Maker?

Innovation has become so appealing to the young and distant now, and even the most preferred birthday presents these days are hands-on kits or DIY kits. In the wake of the pandemic, the next generation of Young Makers is blossoming, and they are making magic with their sturdy minds and tiny hands. Entrepreneurship has been fostered by current conditions, and the young minds are the ones standing up straight in the first row. A growing number of Young makers are learning how to juggle innovation and education, and are eager to offer their society something. Unpredictable circumstances are considered to be ripe moments full of opportunity. A young maker accentuates the right knowledge from learning with his practice and innovation to make discoveries new and useful for society. A plethora of online videos and no-code tools available in today’s market have prompted the next generation to embrace technology. The next generation is flying higher than we ever could have imagined. This article discusses the greater good they bring about to the country, as well as how you can become a maker yourself.

Importance of Young Makers for a democratic society

Every leader now and before has always stated at least once in their lifetime that “The next generation is the backbone of the Nation.” So the statement itself proves how important this can be. Young Makers aren’t just learning, growing, and innovating they are strengthening the nation. When a social issue is presented to kids they are absorbing the anxiety and try to come up with solutions for the pressing problem, which has resulted in several successful Young Makers and Entrepreneurs.

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs in India: the first are newly graduated students, but their numbers are lower, while the other group is experienced people with a stable income and no family obligations, who make up the large group. Who will generate Young makers with so much untapped talent? That’s where comes into action. We are an e-learning platform designed and dedicated to the youth. Our mentors and courses will structure the scientist within Young learners and transform them into Young makers.

 Tips to become a Young Maker

Self-confidence: “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself,” said Galileo Galilei a famous Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. It is important to believe in yourself if you aim to attain greater wisdom. Young Makers will have to undergo severe chiseling before entering the world of discovery.

Choose the Right People: To change yourself and be the change of our society you will need mentoring and motivation. Learn to stomp around with people who have already made the way you want to be someday. Choose the right education platform and educator who’s capable of satisfying your inner aspirator.

Set a Vision: A clear vision of what you want to accomplish is ideal for any achievement at all times. “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” were Franklin D Roosevelt’s words to cure the vision out of a person’s dreams. Set your mind to your desired outcome and do not fear falling.

Speak with Actions: To become a young maker there are three primary needs- Education, Innovation, and Action. Ideas are plenty but do not allow your mind to lead you to speak more than your actions. Actions should be shrewd, loud, and clear at all points of execution for becoming a maker.

Balance your Energy to Time: Studies have proved that a person’s time is usually limited by their energy level, so learn to balance your energy to the available time wisely. Being a full-time student can tax the energy out of your creative self, working smart with this factor to run around with both student and scientist coats on.


The five factors mentioned above are just starters to begin your journey to become a young scientist. With added roles come great responsibilities. Initial levels of failure can be sullen, but learn to rise above the emotional barrier and find the root cause to break free- remember success only comes to those who dare to fail. Steve Jobs once said, “If you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” So you are only setting the path, but this path will lead you and your country to remarkable turns for sure. To attain the best mentoring and guidance visit today, we’ll tune you to learn, invent and innovate with ease. Come let’s become Makers of the World!

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